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How Do I pay for Spring 2020 AP Exams? 
Question: How do I pay for AP Exams for Remote Learning"
A: Payment will not be needed. The DOE has now decided to cover ALL exam fees. In order to support schools, students and families, DOE will cover the cost of AP exams for all students for exams taken in Spring 2020 (including the late testing window in June). If you have already paid your AP exam fees for Spring 2020, then your school will issue a refund as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.
Question: "What if I paid for the exam(s) already, will I be refunded?"
A:  HSES and are working on plans to reimburse any student who already paid for an exam(s). Please check your email for further announcements.  More information about AP and Collegeboard programs can be found here 
How do I get more information about free meals and/or grocery delivery?
How do I request an iPad for my student?
How are you taking attendance?
    • Starting Monday, 4/20, all students will get their daily official attendance through Google Classroom.  Join the classroom for your grade using the code:
Attendance Google Classrooms:
        • 9th Grade: 27tshl5
        • 10th Grade: ns7ynnr
        • 11th Grade: b4rrlku
        • 12th Grade: fp5xpfj
What is Google Classroom, and how does it work?
How can I best support my student’s mental health during this time?
    • A great article is here
    • Need help now go to NYCWELL for more information
Where can I find updates on academics?
    • Regents Exams and Grading Policy link
    • AP Exams and Collegeboard updates link


How can I get a school verification or Face to Face Letter?

  • During this time, when schools are not physically in session, the Human Resources Administration (HRA) will no longer require or ask for “face-to-face” letters as evidence of family composition letters from families who are applying for Cash Assistance (CA) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). If you need a letter for something else, you can use your NYSCA account, or contact Mr. Guillermo Pena-Matos at so that he can help you create an account.
Open the PDF Link below to learn more about How Parents and Guardians can obtain Google Classroom notifications