Remote Learning and Online Class Tips for Success

Tips for Success in Online Classes during COVID19 Remote Learning  Modified from Arizona State University Online Programs
    • Get comfortable with the technology required to complete your courses online. If an issue comes up, go to infohub for solutions to your needs. 

    • Consistently interact with your Teachers and peers, as establishing relationships with them will help you stay motivated to understand the material and ask questions.

    • Read the required sections and materials for your assignments and see how what you are learning applies to real life circumstances.

    • Set goals for yourself and post them somewhere visible in your workspace - This could be your bedroom wall, a refrigerator or calendar in your home.  Additionally, use your phone alarms, Google Calendar and Google Classroom to help manage your deadlines.  

    • Communicate and collaborate with your family and friends where possible.  Everyone is working in a very different environment, and we all have new roles and responsibilities during this timeframe. Clear communication is key to success

    • Stay organized by keeping your calendar up-to-date with assignment due dates and dates of major tests. This will ensure you don’t fall behind, as once you get behind in an online class it is challenging to catch up.

    • Stay on track with your deadlines and pace out the work.  Many of the assignments and interactions are asynchronous and require a lot of personal time management.