COVID19 HSES Tech Support

iPad Distribution 
  • To keep students connected and able to learn from home, the DOE is lending 300,000 internet-enabled iPads to students. Families that want to request a device should fill out the Remote Learning Device Request form
  • Teachers and school staff should use this same form to request devices on behalf of their students.

How to get ready for Google Meet!

Before your first Google Meet class:

  • You need to check your email or Google classroom for the invite link or if dialing in by phone, the special phone number and Pin

Getting ready for your Google Meet class (day of):

  • Dress appropriately.
  • If possible, try to find a space that will keep you focused. 
  • Set up your materials next to your device (you may need paper and pen or a notebook when you are online or working in Google Classroom).
  • Be on time- make sure you have the Class ID and/or the link to the Google Meete session ready 5 minutes before the start of class.
  • You may want to mute your device before entering the session

While on Google Meet (class time):

  • Make sure that you have your Window opened to the session.
  • Remain muted during the lesson unless called on. 
  • Show your face on the camera in a respectful manner. 
  • If you want to speak, type in the text chat or raise your actual hand.
  • Only write comments or questions in the chat that have to do with the lesson.
  • Wait for the teacher to end the session.

After your Google Meet class:

  • Try your hardest to complete homework (if you do not have a printer you can write the answers on paper).
  • Make sure to check Google Classroom for any updates on lessons and assignments. 
  • Always refer back to the
Technology Support
If there is a Technology related issue with an HSES loaned Device, Fill out the form here (or the form below)
  • Your Request will be processed within 24 hours of submission.