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Grading System



The entire school community at HSES has adopted a unified, semester-based grading policy for all classes in our school. This common grading policy is the result of discussions with the Accreditation Committee, School Leadership Team, and Parent/Teacher Association.


All courses at HSES have a scope and sequence that follow a year-long curriculum. The exceptions are Participation in Government, Economics, Debating World Issues, and Health, which all follow a semester-based curriculum. For all courses, students are awarded credits twice throughout the school year: once at the end of the Fall semester, and again at the end of the Spring semester.


Since HSES has a semester-based grading policy, each semester contains three (3) Marking Periods. Each homework assignment, test, and project in each marking period leads to that marking period’s grade. At the end of one marking period, the next marking period begins, and students begin fresh on a new grade.  The final grade for each semester is the result of the following formula:

Marking Period 1 grade (30%)

Marking Period 2 grade (30%)

Marking Period 3 grade (40%).


This grading system allows students who fall behind in one marking period to not be penalized for the remainder of the semester.