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CDC Advisory - Guidance to US Clinicians 

Regarding New WHO Polio Vaccination Requirements for Travel by Residents of and Long-term Visitors to Countries with Active Polio Transmission.

Non-Academic Support 

Provides links to non-academic support services and resources provided by the DOE for students and families.


NYC Department of Education Student Purpose, Safety and Activities

Includes information about New York City Resources including Academic Support Services, Non-Academic Support Services, and After-School Activities.


Office of School Health 

This page provides you with links to an extensive set of resources instituted by the Department of Education. Some of these links include:


  • Medical Requirements for New School Entrants for 2012-2013 School Year

Office of School Wellness Programs 


This page provides information about the various initiatives the NYC DOE has in place to help keep your child healthy, including information about fitness programs in and out of schools and healthy eating habits.  It also provides you with information about the DOE’s Wellness Policy, which outlines the DOE’s position and regulations about keeping healthy food in schools.


Resources for Increasing your Child’s Attendance 

Learn what resources and helpful hints the NYC DOE has to help your child come to school regularly and on time. The site also includes links to help you work with HSES to monitor your child’s attendance, as well as helping them create a well-timed travel plan to get to and from school.


Service in Schools 

Provides information on how students can get active in volunteering and community service activities.


The New York City Department of Education Code of Discipline