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Q: Who is my guidance counselor?


A: If your last name ends with the letters


9th Dr. Wurzel room 2016
10th Ms. Torres room 2004
11th Mr. Genua room 2003
12th Ms. Ching  room 2017



Q: How do I find out about applying to college?


A:  See the college adviser Ms. Arkin in room 2010.


Q: How do I obtain a Metro-Card?


A:  Please see Ms. DeCruz in room 3025.


Q: Who do I speak with regarding attendance issues?


A: Speak with our attendance teacher Ms. Rodriguez in the attendance office room 2026 (Mon. – Wed.)


Q: Where do I go to purchase a school shirt, gym shirt, and lock for my locker? 


A: See our Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA), Ms. Kenny during your lunch period. She is located in the Student Center, located next to the students’ cafeteria. The school shirt and the gym shirt cost $12.00 , shorts cost $17.00 and locks cost $6.00.


Q: How do I obtain a photo ID card?


 A: I.D. cards are distributed in the students’ cafeteria during lunch periods. If you lose your ID card, or if your card is damaged, see Ms. Mistrettta in room 2026 during your lunch period.


Q: Who do I see with questions about health issues? 


A: See Ms. Adams our school nurse or Ms. Murray our health aide, both are located in room 3078.


Q: Who is the Parent Coordinator?  


A: Ms. Adams is our Parent Coordinator and she is located in room 2113.


Q: Who do I see regarding security issues? 


A: See a AP Mr Wilson. Mr Wilson is located in room 2025.


Q: Where do I go if I arrive to school early?


A: Go to the students’ cafeteria.


Q: Do you have a breakfast program?


A: Yes, H.S.E.S. has a free breakfast program open to all students during first period.




Q: What subject is my child taking?


A: Parents are encouraged to sign on to (www. Pupilpath.com) or call or email subject class teachers, for additional information



Q: How can I contact my child’s teachers?


A: Teachers can be reached via e-mail, on Pupilpath, or by phone. A list of teachers’ email addresses and phone extensions is available on the school web site www. envirostudies.org.



Q: Where can my child get extra help with work?


A: The library is open after school Monday through Thursday, and subject teachers are available to help students



Q: How can I find out my child’s daily schedule?


A: Parents can go to Pupilpath, or call their child’s guidance counselors at the following extensions:


Mr. Genua 262-8113 ext. 2030

Ms. Torres 262-8113 ext. 2040

Ms. Ching  262-8113 ext. 2170

Dr. Wurzel 262-8112 ext. 2103



Q: How can I find out if my child is getting to school on time?


A: Contact your child's guidance counselor.



Q: What activities can my child participate in after school?


A: Students can participate in PSAL sports or in one of many school clubs available after school. For a complete list of offerings, visit our web site




Q: Who can I speak to if my child is depressed?


A: Parents can contact: Life net: 1-800 Life Net (English)

1-877 298-3373 (Spanish)

1-877 990-8585 (Asian Languages)

The Samaritans: 1-212 673-3000


The Guidance Counselors: Ms. Irizarry, Ms. Torres, Ms. Ching, Dr. Wurzel



Q: How can I help my child do even better in his/her classes?


A: Parents should try and provide a quiet place for students to study and do homework. Parents should show an interest in their child’s education. Routinely ask about school: “What happened today? What did you learn today? Show me your homework, your last exam score, who are you friendly with?”



Q: How can I support my child’s school?


A: Parents are asked to attend and become active members of the Parents Association. The Parent Association can be reached by calling Ms. Wanda Adams the Parent Coordinator, at 212 262-811 ext. 2113 or via email at wadams6@schools.nyc.gov. Parents can also contact the Parents Association email at info@gmail.com or PTA co-presidents Ms. Palmer, at 646 423-8235 or via email palmer08@gmailcom or Ms. Tiedeman, at 917 685-4129 or via email jogsmail@gmail.com.



For additional information, you can refer to your Student Planner.