NYCSA Application & Important Forms 

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is a web-based application that lets you to see your child’s academic and biographic information on any computer, phone, or tablet. The application is translated into nine languages other than English. In the account, you can see a child’s:

  • Attendance

  • Grades

  • Assessments (test scores)

  • Health information (Fitnessgram)

  • Schedule

  • Guardians and Emergency Contacts

  • Enrollment history

  • Promotion Tracker

  • Graduation Tracker

  • Reading Level

  • Transportation

  • COVID19 Testing Consent 


To read more about this account and for registration, please see the side menu PDF documents. 

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You can register for your account from any computer or internet-connected device by following these steps: 1. Visit and select the “Create Account” link found on the login page. 2. Enter your name, email address, and cell phone number to begin receiving notifications. You can create a basic account without an account creation code, but to link your student to the account, you will need the code. 3. Select “Validate Email” after you have entered your contact information. Keep this page open. 4. Open your email to get the validation number. Enter the number into the “Validate Email” page. 5. Proceed to create your password. 6. Proceed to create your account security questions. 7. Enter the unique Account Creation Code, which is specific to you and your student: Account Creation Code: [Code] 8. Select “Create Account”

Emergency Contact Page NYCSA

Beginning April 2021, parents and guardians will be able to log into their NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) to update their contact information and health information for their students.


This new process allows parents and guardians to share their most up to date information with schools freely, particularly in cases of emergencies to ensure school staff have the most up to date information to contact families. 


After signing in, users can access the NYCSA Emergency Contact page through the home dashboard and through the student details menu of functions.


All NYC public school students can enjoy free breakfast and lunch at school.  Please join us in spreading the word that breakfast and lunch are free for all NYC public school students every day. We hope your child will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and come enjoy a healthy meal with us.